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Exceptional Gospel Artist 'Tina Jibi' has blessed our hearts and ears with her long anticipated single 'Namshi Ma Yesu', meaning 'Let's walk with Jesus'.

The African American Gospel artist in an interview shed more light on the inspiration behind the hit gospel single 'Namshi Ma Yesu'.

"Namshi Ma Yesu means Let's walk with Jesus, and i was inspired to write this song due to the covid19 outbreak that left the world in absolute fear. If we walk with Jesus, only then can we overcome not just the covid19, but all of our problems."

Tina Jibi was born in South Sudan, and chose to deliver this beautiful song in her original language (Arabic).

Namshi Ma Yesu is Written by Tina Jibi, Produced, mixed and mastered by Miah (CEO Miah Empire)

Namshi Ma Yesu By Tina Jibi is out on Youtube

Listen and be Blessed

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