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'MIAH' THE NEW VOICE OF AFRICA (Sasalinga Pop Version)

The Sasalinga crooner 'Miah' has promised to thrill the world with good music, and so far he is on the fulfilling side of bringing it to pass. Miah Who is a Nigerian born, but resides in the United States of America, Recently released his hit single 'Sasalinga'. While Sasalinga is still trending, he just dropped a 'Pop version of Sasalinga'. This Sweeter than life version of Sasalinga really proves that Miah is indeed One of the best singers and producers in the world today.

Sasalinga (Pop Version) is produced, mixed and mastered by The 'Pop General' Miah. The video was also Directed by Miah.

Sasalinga (Pop Version) is out on all platforms, here are Direct Links to audio and video

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