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It's Gonna Be a Pleasant Flight

A moment so many fans of Miah has been waiting for is almost here! Miah is set to Hit the world with His Hit Single 'LOADED' on August 7th 2021. Loaded is written by Miah, produced, Mixed and mastered by Groowie.

As some of us know that Miah is a multi talented art, who is worth the world's attention. Miah is a singer, songwriter, producer, choreographer, model, actor, director, filmmaker, and the CEO of Eyes Of Miah Visuals.

And despite all these gifts possessed by Miah he is down to earth.

Miah is a Nigerian, based in the United States of America, and so far has been doing great for himself.

Watch out for this music video because it is Directed by 'Miah'.

Miah has promised to take us on a "Pleasant Flight" as we journey with him in the path of His music career.


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