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Chinyere Nwankwo, to touch heaven with debut gospel song 'Take all the glory'

Chinyere Henrietta Nwankwo Popularly known as 'The Throne Room Voice' hails from Umungwa Obowo in Imo State of Nigeria.

Chinyere lives and works as a trained health educator in Minnesota, USA where she also got the opportunity to produce her first gospel single 'Take all the glory'.

Speaking about making a song that would touch heaven, the nurse turned gospel singer explained the inspiration behind 'Take all the glory'.

"My new song “Take all the glory” was inspired by several scriptures including Psalm 8. V 4, Romans 8 v 35 - 37 and Hebrews 12v 3. I was studying the psalm and wondered why God bothered about man despite our disobedience, frailties and wickedness but i realized that His love for man is so unfathomable".

Take all the Glory is produced by Miah Empire Music and the Video was shot and directed by Eyes Of Miah Visuals. Miah Empire Music and Eyes Of Miah Visuals is Owned By producer, singer, songwriter and director popularly Known as Miah.

Kickstart Your new year 2022 with this song of worship below :

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